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More Than Just the Blues

The "baby blues" are very common--over 50% of new moms feel overwhelmed and anxious. Baby blues usually go away on their own after the first few weeks of being home. Postpartum Depression is not the same as "baby blues" and affects about one in ten new moms. You might feel depressed for more than a couple of weeks.

Here are some symptoms of postpartum depression:

  • Feeling very tired
  • Being unable to sleep when you want
  • Feeling that things aren't right
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Crying
  • Being confused about how you could feel this way with a new baby
  • Thinking about harming yourself or your baby
  • Having trouble taking care of your baby
  • Not feeling close to your baby
    (taken from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services brochure)

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Please contact your physician if you have a score of 10 or above.

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For more information and resources, please call:
Maternal and Child Health Hotline (available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)

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